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Head of Technology

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Aidan has been a part of the iSolvRisk team since July of 2022. In his role as Head of Technology, he has been working to oversee the creation, testing, and implementation of the software that is foundational to our app.

Prior to taking up the lead software development role at iSolvRisk, Aidan studied engineering and technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he went on to earn a degree in Aeronautical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. While in school, much of his research focused on noise reduction within an unmanned aircraft for urban applications, as well as optimizing different nano satellite scheduling tasks using Artificial Intelligence.

His passion for studying artificial intelligence is what led him to iSolvRisk. Aidan joined the team because he saw his position as a great opportunity to be part of a new way of thinking that marries technology and human behavior. Additionally, in his time at iSolvRisk he looks forward to more opportunities to change the status quo when it comes to how companies are run today.