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Founder & CEO

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Joe is a first generation Lebanese American on a mission to make the world a better place. Before the start of his senior year at St. John's University, Joe stumbled upon Dr. Thomas L. Saaty's Analytical Hierarchy Process. He quickly realized Dr. Saaty's mathematical technique had a tremendous correlation to what he was studying at the Greenberg School of Risk Management.

A light bulb moment occurred in Joe's head to “make risk management easy.” This idea turned into an app that turned into a dream. A dream to give the future generations of this world an equal opportunity at a better life - regardless of background, gender, or inherited wealth.

Joe has been working hard to build up iSolvRisk Inc. and his team since December 2020. He looks forward to making risk management accessible by bringing the iSolvRisk app to the world, and in the process creating a generation of smarter risk-takers and better decision-makers.