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Head of Operations

headshot of the ceo and founder

With 20 years in New York and countless startups under her belt Lizabeth Murphy was a natural fit for ISR . Lizabeth received her undergrad from Pratt institute in art education, her masters from Brooklyn College, and is currently working on her PhD in organizational leadership from the University of Phoenix. Lizabeth, passion for streamlining processes and procedures will be a great use here at ISR .

Her passion for people and culture is evident in her daily walks around New York City, where she completes 5 to 10 miles every day. She can be found walking the streets, hosting her leader, ship, team meetings, and going over office culture and well-being.

When Lizabeth discovered iSolvRisk Inc. and its profound influence, she instantly knew she had to be part of it. The decision to join the team was an easy one because she yearned to contribute to something significant. Her primary motivation was to make a difference by empowering individuals to embrace risk management in their daily lives. Eagerly embracing her passion for operations, she looks forward to developing the necessary tools that will aid the iSolvRisk Inc. team and future app users in eliminating decision-making stress.