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headshot of the ceo and founder

As a native from the capital of New Jersey, Nekayle has always prided himself on being a leader and giving back to his community. Now as the President for iSolvRisk Inc., he is ecstatic about the opportunity to impact the world and aid the public in becoming more aware of the tool known as risk management.

In his current role, Nekayle leads the company as the second-in-command focused on strategic planning and execution of the company mission and values. He will work in conjunction with iSolvRisk leadership and board members in solving talent challenges in the insurance industry while also creating learning and job opportunities through gamification.

In college, Nekayle studied risk management and enterprise risk management, earning a bachelor's degree and master's degree in the process. His passion for risk management extends to having earned a professional designation as an Associate in Risk Management (ARM). Nekayle joined the iSolvRisk Inc. team because he is confident in our capabilities to create equal access to opportunities for all.