Our Impact

a large group of males conversing on a basketball court

Bringing Basketball Back To Queens

A key component of our company’s mission is to empower the next generation of decision-makers. Recently we’ve taken strides toward achieving that goal by hosting local basketball tournaments.

With over 30 new players and countless fans in attendance, we were grateful for the opportunity to introduce our risk management technology to the Queens, NYC basketball community. We look forward to hosting more tournaments in the months to come!.

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A special thank you to Jake Apsey (@japsey.jpg) for capturing so many incredible moments throughout the tournament. View his photo album below.

a male dunking a basketball into the hoop
a group of males congratulating one another and smiling on a basketball court
6 isolvrisk team members smiling towards the camera
a male holding a basketball in both hands while a male in front of him tries to get the ball out of his hands
a group of males in various colored clothes posing for a picture on a basketball court
a male doing a layup while two other males try to stop him
a group of males trying to make a shot into a basketball hoop
more isolvrisk memebers wearing the companies sweatshirt smiling towards the camera
a group of males in various colored clothes p playing basketball on a basketball court
isolvrisk team members laughing and smiling at the camera