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Who is iSolvRisk Inc.?

iSolvRisk Inc. is a risk management tech startup that is empowering individuals to make better decisions by gamifying risk management. By turning decision-making into an exciting and challenging game, we can provide a service that solves critical problems within the education and insurance industries.

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Why we do what we do

We have a vision where the current and future generations of this world have equal access to opportunities regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. By gamifying risk management, we aim to empower individuals to make better decisions that can lead them to successful and fulfilling lives.

Joseph Zaarour and Nekayle Whitaker, the two founders of iSolvRisk, standing on a staircase outside posing for the camera

The story of iSolvRisk unfolded during a chance meeting on a basketball court at St. John's University in 2017. Joe met Nekayle at the recreational center. After Nekayle suggested that Joe switch into his major, Risk Management and Insurance, Joe eagerly switched into the major. The two reconnected in 2020, the year Joe told Nekayle about an idea in a notebook he had.

After Joe graduated from St. John's, he quickly launched iSolvRisk Inc. in July of 2021. Since the inception of the company, the team has grown from a humble group of 3 into a powerhouse of 20+ professionals. Boasting expertise from Fortune 500 executives to skilled designers, developers, and industry professionals, the origins of iSolvRisk is a testament to a business that started from a bond on the basketball court and is seizing opportunities to rewrite the narrative of risk management and education.

Why our Product

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As the sole gamified risk management platform in the market, we offer a unique and engaging approach to navigating uncertainties. By integrating game elements into the risk assessment process, we not only make it more enjoyable for users but also enhance their understanding of potential pitfalls.

Our data-driven approach is rooted in the recognition that users today seek an app that goes beyond traditional risk analysis by actively aiding them in decision-making. The statistics reveal a growing demand for a comprehensive tool that not only identifies risks but empowers users to make informed choices, especially in the career and education space.

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With our gamified risk managment platform, we not only meet this demand, but revolutionize the way businesses approach decision making, ensuring a proactive and enjoyable risk management experience.

Want to see our product in action? Try it out here.

Get to know the Leadership Team

a picture of our CEO, Joseph Zaarour

Founder & CEO

Joseph Zaarour

a picture of our head of sales, Nekayle Whitaker.


Nekayle Whitaker

a picture of our head of partnerships, Doreen Marchetti

Vice President-Partnerships

Doreen Marchetti

a picture of our head of business development, Robert Cartwright, Jr.

Vice President-Business Development

Robert Cartwright, Jr.

a picture of our head of operations, Lizabeth Murphy

Vice President- Operations & Secretary

Lizabeth Murphy

a picture of our general counsel, Douglas Clemmons

Legal Counsel

Douglas Clemmons

a picture of our head of technology, Aidan Kolar

Head of Technology

Aidan Kolar

a picture of our head of design, Zaire Adams

Head of Design & Research

Zaire Adams

a picture of our creative director, Dana Gross

Creative Director

Dana Gross