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Students often struggle with making informed decisions about their education and career paths. They may overemphasize personal interest without considering long-term implications or lack awareness of available educational paths to achieve their vocational goals. This can lead to choosing majors with poor employment prospects or low return on investment.

How it Works

The RiskEd app will provide students with decision-making tools based on risk management principles. These tools, packaged in a gamified app format, are designed to enhance the decision-making process for students.

Guidance in choosing majors, extracurricular activities, and career options, potentially reducing the likelihood of students changing majors or facing delayed graduation.

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Gamified insurance designations programs that students can complete while still in school. This designation opens the door for students to enter the insurance industry after graduation, regardless of which major they choose.

University faculty and staff can gain valuable insights from data generated by students' interactions with the app. This data will inform them about students' decision-making processes, interests, and preferences, enabling more tailored and effective support.

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Additionally, RiskEd provides tools for faculty and staff to communicate and engage with students, helping them align educational offerings with student needs more accurately.

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